Company anniversary celebrations with your staff around Lake Zurich.

A trip on the Red Arrow – an unforgettable corporate event in Zurich with guaranteed thrills for your staff.

The “Churchill” Red Arrow needs no introductions – just climb on board! The journey takes you along Lake Zurich to Pfäffikon SZ, where we take a left turn and cross the Seedamm, which separates Lake Zurich from Lake Obersee, towards Rapperswil. 

From Rapperswil, we continue through the hilly, rural Zurich Oberland, past Lake Greifen and Lake Pfäffikon. You’ll pass by the towns of Bubikon, Wetzikon, Uster and Nänikon-Greifensee on your way to Dübendorf. This route takes you back into the Zurich agglomeration, with a leisurely final stage back to the starting point at Zurich main station.


  • Up to 96 people.

  • 3-course fish menu.

  • Approx. 4 hours journey time.

  • Cost: CHF 15,178.