The coupon that really pays off.

The coupon replaces the existing Rail Check. The coupon is a payment method for public transport which allows you to decide what the recipient can buy with it. It is ideal for fully or partially financing your employees’ commuter travelcards, for example.

You can give the coupon to your employees, trade fair visitors, customers and other target groups for the purchase of a public transport service. We send you your coupons electronically. This means, for example, that you can pay the entire cost of a ticket or travelcard (e.g. Half Fare Travelcard) or just part of it. You can leave it up to the recipient whether they want to travel in 1st or 2nd class, or you can define this beforehand. This is what makes the coupon both customisable and practical.

The advantages of the coupon at a glance:

  • You determine the value and the services.
  • Cannot be used for other services. Purchase of defined public transport services only.
  • You will only be invoiced for coupons which get used.
  • Digital redemption possible.

Frequently asked questions about coupons for business customers.

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