Best practice examples.

Our customers are our partners. So we’re delighted to be able to present you with some inspiring ideas.

Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI).

SUPSI is conducting research into sustainability issues in the area of mobility. We at SBB are committed to providing holistic door-to-door mobility solutions that are sustainable and future-oriented. A win-win. In this spirit, we have been advising SUPSI at their new location in Mendrisio.

Putting research questions in practice, and not just exploring them in theory, is a central concern at SUPSI. That’s why the heads of the university chose to build the new site right by Mendrisio railway station, with the hope that as many students as possible will travel there by public transport. “We’ve even adapted lecture times to suit public transport timetables”, says Simone Bernasconi, Head of MAS in Future Mobility & Innovation. 

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ÖKK is committed to flexible working times, work from anywhere and generous support for essential and further training. Since 2013, ÖKK has given its trainees a GA Travelcard. 

They can use it to travel back and forth between the locations of their work and courses all over Switzerland. The trainees also regularly switch departments and so gain insights into different areas of the business. What’s more, they can also use the GA Travelcard provided by the company in their own time too – something they greatly appreciate. The advantages for ÖKK are twofold: the free GA Travelcard increases the appeal of the company as an employer and saves the HR department the trouble of travel expenses.

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