Newsletter April 2024.

Advertise in the SBB Restaurant: where your advertising will be seen.

Trains are exclusive advertising spaces. Nowhere else offers such excellent opportunities to make your company visible: over a million potential customers use the Swiss railways every day.

On average, 14,000 guests per day enjoy delicious dishes at our SBB Restaurants. You and your advertising can become part of this delightful experience.

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Your next meeting: the exquisitely stylish “Salon suisse”. 

The journey is the destination in the “Salon suisse” saloon coach. Gain fresh impetus by holding your next workshop on our special event train. Efficient, sustainable and comfortable travel in the exquisite ambiance of the coach used by Federal Councillors. Its flexibility, comfortable seating and all the latest technology mean the “Salon suisse” can be converted into an extraordinary meeting room. You decide the route, the timetable and the cuisine.

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PS: Want to hold a cosy after-work event with your team? Then book a round trip in the saloon coach with Swiss tapas. Reserve your places now at

The Central Malley district is about to bloom!

Located in western Lausanne, at the Prilly-Malley train station, it is currently the largest real estate project of SBB SA.

With its cosmopolitan and trendy architecture, Central Malley now offers new rental spaces for offices, medical practices, shops, workshops, bar-restaurants, and a café on the 18th floor with a panoramic view of the lake.

A place with exceptional potential to give a whole new dimension to your projects. The Central Malley website, central-malley.chLink opens in new window. allows you to discover the many aspects of the neighbourhood and follow the construction progress live with the webcam.


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“work per minute”: flexible working in Bern station.

In our fast-paced world where every second counts, “work per minute” provides efficient and flexible workspaces directly in Bern station. Here you can make effective and productive use of your waiting time.

Benefits of “work per minute”

  • Easy to use: No lengthy registration processes or forms – simply open the entrance by credit card and off you go. Automatic, to-the-minute billing.
  • Central location: Directly at Bern station and easily accessible, “work per minute” is well connected to the whole of Switzerland.
  • High-quality workplaces: Ergonomic workspaces tailored to different needs that enable you to work efficiently.
  • A quiet spot: Inside the station “work per minute” is a haven of peace where you can focus on your tasks.
  • Private call cubicles: Soundproof call cubicles are ideal for any confidential calls.
  • Excellent network: The high-speed WiFi ensures everything runs smoothly with your work.
  • Efficiency-boosting concept: The contemporary design combines subdued and warm colours with comfortable seating, creating a productive and creative working environment.
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