The 1-month GA Travelcard.

Do you travel to several business meetings over the course of a month? Want to be able to use public transport across Switzerland flexibly? If so, the 1-month GA Travelcard is the right thing for you.

The straightforward travelcard for a month.

The 1-month GA Travelcard is available in 1st and 2nd class for young persons (aged between 16 and 25 years) and adults. This travelcard is not renewed automatically. A Half Fare Travelcard is not required to use the 1-month GA Travelcard. The 1-month GA Travelcard cannot be deposited. 

Take a look at the detailed map to find out where the 1-month GA Travelcard is valid:

Click here for the detailed map for the 1-month GA Travelcard (PDF, 5,6 MB)Link opens in new window. (PDF, 5,6 MB)This document is not barrier-free.

As a business customer, you will get the GA Travelcard on the practical SwissPass. The SwissPass is your key to mobility.

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