By special event train from Zurich to Bern.

Want to get a large number of people from A to B? Our special event trains take your guests on a journey, for example, from the cosmopolitan city of Zurich to the federal capital of Bern.

Sit back and enjoy the trip – let our special event trains bring you from one city to another, from the city to the countryside or from the countryside to the city. Use Switzerland’s impressive railway network to transport your guests or for an unforgettable excursion. 

The journey will take you along the most direct and quickest route from one city centre to another, with or without intermediate stops. The diversity of Swiss cities is enormous. Whether Mediterranean-style Locarno, international Geneva or the picturesque old towns of Lucerne or Bern, we’ll get you and your guests to your destination. 


  • Up to 560 people.

  • Coffee and lemon slice.

  • Approx. 1 hour journey time.

  • Total: CHF 33,926.