Order form for coupons.

Order coupons for a specific amount or a percentage-based discount easily online. The coupons will be sent to you by e-mail and can be redeemed for purchases on SBB.ch, in the SBB Mobile app or at a staffed public transport point of sale.

Form steps

Contact details of the person placing the order.

Please enter the corresponding pay series number, debitor number or (if available) the contract number of previous orders.

Billing information.

Please enter your company details as per the UID register in the following fields.

Discount in CHF.

Restriction of the travel route.
Restriction of the offer.
Restriction of the customer segment.
Restriction of type of journey.
Restriction of travel class.

Restriction of travel period.

Specify that the coupons can only be redeemed for a journey within a certain period of time.

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