Refund request form for tickets for Switzerland.

You can use the following form to request a refund for unused or only partially used tickets purchased for business purposes online or via mobile.

Please note:

Would you like a refund for tickets that you purchased on the SBB Mobile or SBB Mobile Preview app for personal use?

To the form for private customers to refund tickets purchased online/on a mobile Link opens in new window.

Please check the following details:

For any further refunds, please complete a new online form.

Contact details.

Refund request form for tickets purchased online or via mobile; due to non-use.

We would like to request a refund for the following unused or partially used tickets. As soon as we have received your refund request, we will send you a copy of your request by e-mail. If we are able to carry out the refund, this will be shown under “Orders” in the orderer’s SBB profile. Your company’s contract manager will also be able to see the refund in the statistics in SBB Businessmanager. You will not receive any further confirmation.

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