Booking an international B2B group trip for companies and associations.

Would you like to go on a trip abroad by train with a company group, association or other business group? Are you interested in a group ticket? Then send us your enquiry.

Before you start:

  • Processing time.

    At least 15 working days before departure. At least 25 working days in advance for travel to or via Germany. If your journey is earlier than this, group tickets cannot be issued – only individual tickets. You can buy these online at

  • Group size.

    For groups of at least ten people. Group tickets are not personal.

  • Advance booking deadline.

    We can only pass on the prices to you when the railway in question opens for booking. This is usually 180 days before the date of travel.

  • Guide prices.

    To give you an idea of the prices involved, we have put together a list of guide prices for the most popular destinations at

  • Booking fee.

    We charge a booking fee of CHF 45 for international group bookings. This fee is only charged once the booking has been finalised and is then passed on to you.

Form steps

Reason for your enquiry.


Please indicate which country you would like to travel to:

Group details.

Please enter the total number of passengers in the first field.
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Class/Train type/Compartment.

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Europa Plus Insurance.

We recommend that you take out Europa Plus Insurance to ensure you are protected against unforeseen issues before and during your trip. The insurance benefits are listed below the form. Insurance premium: for groups of 10 or more CHF 16.20 per person; for 1-9 persons CHF 18 per person.

Group leader.

The group leader must be present and contactable throughout the trip. If you use the address of a school/company/club/association for “Street”, please enter the exact designation and name of the school/company/club/association under “Address supplement”.

How would you like to pay for the tickets?

Payment by credit card.

For payment by credit card, we will call you.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

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Payment by contract number.

Payment by contract number is only possible if you have a business contract with SBB.

Contact details/delivery address.
Different delivery address – no private address.

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