General Terms and Conditions GTC of public transport vouchers. (Hereafter referred to as vouchers).

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) on the purchase and use of the voucher solution for SBB business customers.

1. Subject matter of the agreement.  

These GTCs govern the purchase of vouchers by business customers from SBB AG. The tariffs for direct service in Switzerland and the relevant regional services also apply, with subordinate applicability. The tariffs can be viewed at any staffed station. The business customer’s legal and commercial terms and conditions (general terms and conditions, commercial conditions for offers etc.) shall be waived.  

2. Description of the offer.  

The voucher can be used on the digital channels and at the staffed points of sale of the participating transport companies. The usage options are constantly being expanded and can be found at opens in new window..

Further information on public transport vouchers Link opens in new window.

3. Period of validity and rescission.  

The credit expires 5 years after the last use, i.e. the last top-up or debit of the voucher. SBB AG reserves the right to reject and/or cancel orders. 

Vouchers can only be redeemed on the digital channels (, SBB Mobile) if the full purchase amount is covered. Partial payments can be made at the staffed points of sale of the participating transport companies.

4. Delivery and refunds.  

The business customer generally receives the vouchers ordered within two weeks.  

Unused vouchers cannot be returned. Cash payment of remaining credit is excluded. The company must ensure the recipient of the voucher has sufficient time to use it as a means of payment. 

5. Liability and misuse.  

The parties are liable for the conscientious and diligent execution of their services. For damages attributable to this agreement, the parties will only be liable for direct damage and only in the event of gross negligence or wilful intent. The business customer assumes liability for any loss, theft or misuse of the vouchers received.  

6. Prices and conditions.

The prices of the products and services can be found in the respective offer descriptions on the websites of SBB AG.

7. Payment.  

Business customers are charged for purchased vouchers by direct debit or invoice.  

8. Confidentiality obligations.  

The parties must ensure that all information that is not in the public domain nor generally accessible is kept confidential. The parties undertake to keep confidential the information, trade secrets, data and documents made known to them during the performance of their services, as well as information received and documents issued. Confidentiality shall be maintained after the contractual agreement has been terminated. Statutory disclosure obligations continue to apply.  

9. Entry into force and term.  

All SBB AG offers are non-binding. A contract between the customer and SBB AG is only deemed to have concluded when the customer issues an order which is accepted by SBB AG and will be limited to the confirmed order.  

10. Data protection.

No personal data will be collected or stored. However, if such data is collected for ordering purposes, SBB undertakes to comply with the legal provisions of the Data Protection Act.

If customers provide contact details, such as a technical network address or e-mail address when making a balance enquiry, topping up credit or making online purchases, this data will be used for the provision of this service. The customer accepts that SBB may involve third parties. However, in this event, appropriate technical and organisational measures will be taken to protect contact details.

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11. Reference to General Terms and Conditions for end users.

The General Terms and Conditions for private customers apply to end users.

Go to the General Terms and Conditions of public transport vouchers  Link opens in new window.

12. Concluding provisions.  

This contract is governed exclusively by Swiss law. The sole place of jurisdiction is Bern. 

The conclusion, amendment and modification of these GTCs or components of them will only be valid if made by mutual agreement and in writing or by confirmed correspondence, whereby an electronic signature is equivalent to a handwritten one.   

Last updated: May 2024 

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