Arcobaleno Aziendale refund application.

Do you have an Arcobaleno Aziendale travelcard you no longer need or would you like to adapt your current travelcard?

Once we receive your refund request, we will send you a copy by email. The credit will be credited to the next invoice.

Form steps

Reason for refunding.

Return of Arcobaleno Aziendale travelcard.

Unlike previous cards, the SwissPass card does not have to be returned because it can be used even after the travelcard has expired. It will remain valid for partner services from Mobility Carsharing, PubliBike, SwitzerlandMobility and ski passes, etc. You can also use the SwissPass card for other public transport travelcards.
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Travelcard change.

Your current travelcard will be automatically cancelled on the start date of your new travelcard. Your new travelcard will be loaded onto your SwissPass card.
Travelcard change.


Note: your current subscription will be automatically cancelled one day before the first validity date of your new travelcard.

Zone change.



Contact data of the passenger.


Responsible department.

We ask you to send your request to the appropriate department in your company. This department will review your request and forward it to the SBB Business Customers team for processing. For additional refunds, please complete a new online form.


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