Rail Checks – repeat orders.

Previously purchased Rail Checks and need more of the same sort? Enter the pay-series number of the previous order and place a repeat order for your chosen quantity.  

Do you use a screen reader? If you have a problem sending the form, you can also contact us by telephone: SBB Contact Center Handicap, tel. 0800 007 102 (toll-free in Switzerland.), every day from 6am to 10.30pm.

Minimum order 100 items, without layout changes.

Printing costs A6 format / security paper / incl. 7.7% VAT.

  • CHF 65.– for 100 items
  • CHF 20.– for each additional 100 items

Printing costs A4 format, perforated / security paper.

  • CHF 65.– for 100 items
  • CHF 30.– for each additional 100 items
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