The Rail Check pays off.

The Rail Check is a means of payment for public transport that lets you specify what gets purchased. It is ideally suited for the full or partial financing of your employees’ commuter travelcards.

You can give Rail Checks to your employees, trade fair visitors, customers etc. to pay for public transport services. Rail Checks are printed to order according to your specifications. You can underwrite the full cost of a ticket or travelcard (e.g. Half Fare Travelcard) or simply a percentage of the price. You can leave it up to the redeemer if they wish to travel in 1st or 2nd class, or you can define this yourself in advance. The Rail Check is as individual as it is practical.

The advantages of Rail Checks at a glance:

  • The specific value and service are defined by you.
  • They cannot be used for other purposes. Only for the specified public transport service.
  • You are only charged for Rail Checks that have been redeemed.
  • Forgery-proof thanks to the special security paper used.
Example of a public transport commuter bonus