Travelcard refund requests for business customers.

Want to cancel a travelcard that’s no longer needed and have it refunded?

Please note:

  • If you would like to cancel a GA Travelcard that is being used as a basic GA Travelcard and linked to other GA Travelcards (e.g. to a Duo Partner or Familia GA Travelcard, etc.), the GA Plus Travelcards will also be cancelled – subject to the notice period of one travelcard month to the end of the next travelcard month. If the other people with the linked GA Travelcards would like to continue travelling with a GA Travelcard, they can order a new GA Travelcard.
  • If the travelcard that is no longer needed is integrated onto the SwissPass card, you don’t need to return the card and it will remain valid (e.g. for partner services from Mobility, PubliBike, SwitzerlandMobility or for ski passes etc.). The SwissPass card can also be used for other public transport travelcards.
  • If you would like to cancel a travelcard that has not yet been integrated onto the SwissPass, please send it to the following address:
    SBB Contact Center, Businesstravel, PO Box 176, 3900 Brig
Which travelcard would you like a refund for?
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As justification for the refund, please upload the purchase confirmation for a new travelcard (as a replacement for the travelcard being cancelled), a doctor’s confirmation of incapacity to travel or a death certificate as a PDF file. If you would like to upload multiple documents, hold the CTRL key and simultaneously click on the relevant files (maximum of three per form).

As soon as we have received your refund request, we will send you a copy of your request by e-mail. If we are able to carry out the refund, this will be shown under ‘Orders’ in the orderer’s SBB user account. Your company’s contract manager will also be able to see the refund in the statistics in SBB Businessmanager. You will not receive any further confirmation.

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For additional refunds, please complete a new online form.

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