Refund request for international tickets (online purchase)

Use this form to apply for a refund for unused or only partially used international tickets purchased online via

Please note:

  • You can find the conditions for international travel on the ticket and under travel details.
  • You can upload up to three international tickets as PDFs per refund form.

Please check the following details: 

Contact details.

Refund request form for international tickets purchased online on the grounds of non-usage.

Please upload the unused or partially used international ticket to be refunded as a PDF file here. If you would like to have more than one international ticket refunded, hold down the CTRL key while clicking the respective files (maximum three per form).

Once we receive your refund request form, we will send you a copy of your request via e-mail. As soon as we are able to make refunds, they will appear under “My orders” and in your statistics. You will not receive any further confirmations.

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For any further refunds, please complete a new online form.

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