Travel together for business.

The companion ticket: your companion travels for just CHF 38.

Working from home is no longer mandatory and face-to-face meetings with customers and business partners are now possible once again. From 7 March to 3 April, you can benefit from the attractive companion ticket for public transport.

  • For just CHF 38.
  • Two people travel all day.
  • Valid with a GA Travelcard, Day Pass for the Half Fare Travelcard, Saver Day Pass or Leisure Travelcard.

In combination with the tickets or travelcards listed below, a companion can buy a companion ticket for just CHF 38 and travel for a whole day throughout Switzerland by train, boat, tram, bus and Postbus. The offer is valid even without a Half Fare Travelcard.

The tickets or travelcards entitling you to use a companion ticket.

The companion ticket is available via SBB Mobile or online at It is valid for one day within the GA Travelcard area of validity in combination with one of the following tickets or travelcards:

GA Travelcard, Saver Day Pass, 1-month travelpass for the Half-Fare Travelcard and Day Pass for the Half Fare Travelcard, 1st or 2nd class each.

Business travel with a colleague is particularly good value.

Save money by travelling with the companion ticket: a 2nd class Day Pass usually costs CHF 75 and a 1st class Day Pass CHF 127. By comparison, a companion ticket is CHF 37 or CHF 89 cheaper.

The companion does not need a Half Fare Travelcard to benefit from this offer.

Climate-friendly and sustainable travel: by train.

Want to make your business trips out as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible? Then SBB is ideal for you. Rail travel is low CO2 emissions travel. And you can relax on the journey too.